1.5:1 Baluns/Ununs

Impedance/Isolation Transformer, 3-30 MHz, 5W PEP, 1:1-16:1, SO239, N, BNC, SMA

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For impedance transformation/isolation applications when max power is 5 Watts PEP, this transformer provides a simple interface between transmission lines with different connectors or impedances or simply common mode isolation. DC continuity for bias-T applications.


- Cast Aluminum die-cast enclosure for excellent shielding and ground continuity between receiver and coaxial shield

- Wide frequency range of 3-30 MHz with SWR under 2:1 across the entire range

- Typical input impedance from 45-55 ohms, Output impedance 50-800 ohms depending on ratio selected

- Small compact size - length (tip to tip of N connectors) = 3.625", Width = 1.5", Height = 1.2"

- Low insertion loss

Power rating: 1.5 Watts (31.8dBm) 100% duty cycle, 3.0 watts (34.8 dBm) 50% duty cycle (CW), 5 watts (37 dBm) 30% duty cycle (SSB/PEP)

Impedance ratios available from 1:1, 2;1, 4;1, 6:1, 9:1, 12;1, 16:1

Connectors: SO-239, N, BNC, SMA

Picture shows 50 ohm input, 800 ohm output with N connectors

Receiver Only Unun transformers are made to order with manufacturing time of 5 or more days before shipment depending upon quantity.

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50 ohm coax to 75 ohm balanced output baluns are useful for low (< 1 wavelength) dipoles exhibiting 75 ohm characteristic impedance or for matching to balanced ladder line whose endpoint impedance is near 75 ohms.

50 ohm coax to 75 ohm CATV coax connections are easily done with a 1.5:1 unun with SO-239 connectors on input and output.  Likewise 50 ohm coax to unbalanced verticals or loads near 75 ohms can be matched with a 1.5:1 unun.