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50:200 ohm (4:1) VHF Balun or Unun Core Kit, 10-160 MHz, 250 watts


50:200 ohm (4:1) VHF Balun or Unun Core Kit, 10-160 MHz, 250 watts BA-4-250CV

Model BA-4-250CV is a 4:1, dual core, current balun kit used to translate a 50 ohm input to 200 ohms at power levels up to 250 watts when used with a matched load. With a matched load the measured SWR was less than 1.5 over the frequency range 10-160 MHz.

A coaxial input (unbalanced) is attached to the SO-239 connector and the balanced 200 ohm load is attached to the two wire output.

The balun can be used to connect unbalanced 50 ohm coax to balanced antennas like a center fed zepp, log periodic beam, G5RV, full wave loops, Off Center Fed antennas, etc. Maximum power is 250 watts PEP/125 watts continuous with a 200 ohm load.

The balun comes pre-assembled with SO-239 connector as shown in the above picture. All you need is an enclosure box to complete the assembly. Great for 6 meter loop beacons or other 200 ohm loads in the range of 10-160 Mhz (30-2 meter bands).

Below are the excellent measured 50 ohm conversions (green line) with a 200 ohm load. SWR shown in red line. SWR under 1.5:1 from 10-160MHz.

BA 4 250CV 1 161 Mhz png - Antenna Products

$28.5 In stock
Brand:Palomar Engineers
input ohms/output ohms::50 in, 200 out
Frequency Range (MHz):10-161
PEP Power Rating (watts)::250
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